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Set Title
  • fitness

    Sunday 1:30 pm

    High intensity and low impact. This class combines, cardio, strength, balance and agility over... Full Details

    50 min • $25
  • yoga

    H2O Bogalates
    Saturday 12:30 pm

    Float your practice onto the water in this yogalates practice aboard BOGA YOGA mats tethered i... Full Details

    45 min • $25
  • fitness  •  group

    HIIT the Beach
    Sunday 7:00 am

    Experience the challenge of a high-intensity circuit class (the Boot Camp) outdoors on the beauti... Full Details

    90 min • $15 *
    *Complimentary for Resort Guests and Club Members
  • facials


    Focusing on lymphatic drainage this gentle treatment will help decongest the skin and promote hea... Full Details

    60 min
    Mon.-Th. • $220
    Fri.-Sun. • $235
  • facials

    HydraFacial Ultimate

    Combining the best of both worlds! This treatment combines ingredients that repair and decongest,... Full Details

    90 min
    Mon.-Th. • $380
    Fri.-Sun. • $395
  • yoga  •  group

    Indo Board Yoga
    Sunday 12:30 pm

    Designed to mimic a stand up paddle board yoga experience without the threat of getting wet! Stre... Full Details

    50 min • $15
  • massage

    Kansa Body Massage

    A unique full body massage experience using a “Kansa” wand that balances both the min... Full Details

    60 min
    Mon.-Th. • $185
    Fri.-Sun. • $200
  • body treatments

    Legs Wax

    LEGS WAX Full Details

    Half 25 min • $90
    Full 50 min • $120
  • body treatments

    Lip or Chin Wax

    LIP OR CHIN WAX Full Details

    Lip or Chin 10 min • $50
  • fitness  •  group

    Mat Pilates
    Monday Wednesday Friday 10:00 am

    Challenge your body with a focus on spinal flexion, extension, and rotation utilizing the BOSU, s... Full Details

    50 min • $15 *
    *Complimentary for Resort Guests and Club Members