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  • body treatments

    Bikini Wax

    BIKINI WAX Full Details

    25 min • $80
  • fitness

    Blue Mindfulness Beach Hike
    Saturday 7:00 am

    Explore the coastal cliffs and wave swept beaches of Dana Point on a leisurely hike along Monarch... Full Details

    90 min • $0 *
    *Complimentary for Resort Guests and Club Members
  • meditations

    Blue Mindfulness Meditation
    Tuesday Thursday 4:30 pm

    Through the practice of mindfulness combined with the sensory cues of the ocean, this mindfulness... Full Details

    30 min • $15 *
    *Complimentary for Resort Guests and Club Members
  • fitness  •  group

    Body Barre
    Tuesday Thursday 9:00 am

    A combination of ballet barre, resistance training with bands, balls, and a cardio component. *C... Full Details

    45 min • $15 *
    *Complimentary for Resort Guests and Club Members
  • fitness

    BOGA Board Cardio Fit
    Sunday 1:30 pm

    High intensity and low impact. This class combines, cardio, strength, balance and agility over... Full Details

    50 min • $25
  • yoga

    Saturday 12:30 pm

    Float your practice onto the water in this vinyasa practice aboard BOGA YOGA mats tethered in ... Full Details

    45 min • $25
  • body treatments

    Brow Shape

    BROW SHAPE Full Details

    10 min • $65
  • body treatments

    Buff and Bronze Package

    Prepare your skin for the perfect spray tan by starting off with our body scrub. Using a body pol... Full Details

    45 min • $130
  • fitness

    Cardio Sculpt
    Tuesday 8:00 am

    Set an intention and focus on the breath as we combine circuit style strength exercises with inte... Full Details

    45 min • $15 *
    *Complimentary for Resort Guests and Club Members
  • body treatments

    Citrus Wrap

    Aromatherapy and Body Alignment begin this treatment, followed by an effective citrus exfoliation... Full Details

    90 min
    Mon.-Th. • $285
    Fri.-Sun. • $300