Get Outside & Get Fit

Apr 11 • 

Remember when our parents used to suggest we go outside and play?? Well, we may not have the same child-like activities lined up to get outside for anymore, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't still get out and enjoy the world!

Here are the benefits of exercising outdoors:

  1. Little or no equipment needed to get a great workout
  2. No crowded gym
  3. No need to wear special, expensive clothing
  4. Vitamin D enhancing sunshine for our skin
  5. The ability to workout anytime, anywhere--even while traveling
  6. Two words-- FRESH AIR

And there are probably other reasons you can think of to fit an outdoor workout into your active lifestyle. Here are the Top 7 exercises to do Outdoors:

  1. Lunges--up and down hills
  2. Push-ups--against a tree, bench or rocks
  3. Squats--in the sand, balancing on rocks
  4. Step ups--on stairs, benches, rocks
  5. Chin ups--from tree branch, playground equipment
  6. Uphill Sprints--This will get you in shape!
  7. Duck Walks--Walk in a Squat up and down hills

Doing outdoor exercises has all the benefits listed above and ....they are hard! If you are up to the challenge and tired of the gym, give your body and your mind a boost and get outside and PLAY!!