Change Your Life with Mindfulness

Apr 11 • 

This brain-based practice is emerging as the not-so-secret weapon of professional and Olympic athletes, Fortune 500 companies, and millions of individuals around the world. The number of scientific research studies on mindfulness has skyrocketed in the past few years revealing a staggering number of benefits, in many different areas. Those who learn to practice mindfulness are changing their brains, through neuroplasticity, to be more resilient to stress, improve attention, concentration and efficiency, and cultivate an overall sense of wellbeing and equanimity. This, in turn, allows them to perform better at work, improve relationships, manage difficult situations and emotions, and make better decisions.

So what are you waiting for?

Imagine if rather than worrying about what has happened or what might happen, you were able to skillfully respond to what is happening. How much time would be saved if you were able to stop creating hypothetical stories in your mind, or seeking the approval of others with decision you had to make? What if you were able to take the simple next right action needed in that moment? What if, instead of searching for new sources of personal development, you were able to access the inner wisdom that is already there?

We all have the same number of minutes in our day. It is how you show up for these minutes that makes all the difference. We don't need time management skills, we need mind management skills! Every time you practice mindfulness, you strengthen the neural pathways of attention, presence, kindness, acceptance, and courage. You can read all the books and research that prove the benefits of mindfulness, OR you can experience it yourself and start transforming into the person YOU want to be!

Whether you participate in a mindfulness class or opt for one-on-one training, you will be able to incorporate mindfulness into your life and begin to see the results immediately. I have spent years gaining the experience and knowledge to teach this transformative practice and I am thrilled to be offering mindfulness training at Miraval Life in Balance Spa.

Author: Amy Noelle, Miraval Mindfulness Expert