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Love is in the Air

February is the perfect time of year to create memories with your loved ones. Whether you want to celebrate as a couple or have fun with friends, Miraval is here.


Life In

For those who seek a path of mindfulness and reflection, Miraval Life in Balance Spa is a breath of fresh air. Our Orange County spa is a place to breathe, reflect and be in the moment. In this seaside retreat, you’ll find the space and time to be present and peaceful.

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Saturday Feb 23

Saturday Feb 23 Schedule
Time Class
6:30 AM TRX
7:00 AM Blue Mindfulness Beach Hike
7:00 AM HIIT the Beach
8:00 AM Beach Yoga
8:00 AM Flow Yoga
8:00 AM Cardio Sculpt
8:00 AM Mindful Meditation
8:00 AM Mindful Meditation
8:00 AM Spin with a View
8:00 AM TRX
8:00 AM Gentle Yoga
9:00 AM Floating Meditation
9:00 AM TRX
9:00 AM TRX
9:00 AM Spin with a View
9:00 AM Body Barre
9:00 AM Aerial Yoga
9:00 AM Mindful Meditation
9:00 AM Flow Yoga
10:00 AM Spin with a View
10:00 AM Mindfulness at Miraval
10:00 AM Floating Meditation
10:00 AM Mat Pilates
10:00 AM Aqua Fitness
10:00 AM Yogalates
10:00 AM Gentle Yoga
10:00 AM Aerial Yoga
10:30 AM Yogalates
11:00 AM Family Cardio Drumming
11:00 AM Floating Meditation
11:00 AM Aerial Yoga
12:30 PM Indo Board Yoga
12:30 PM H2O Bogalates
1:30 PM Roll and Stretch
3:00 PM Beach Yoga
3:00 PM Aerial Yoga
4:00 PM Aerial Yoga
4:00 PM Flow Yoga
4:30 PM Blue Mindfulness Meditation
5:00 PM Indo Board Yoga
5:00 PM Flow Yoga
5:00 PM Gentle Yoga
5:30 PM YogaSculpt
5:30 PM Gentle Yoga
5:30 PM Body Barre
6:00 PM TRX
6:00 PM Flow Yoga
6:00 PM YogaSculpt
6:30 PM Mindful Meditation
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the push and pull of the waves: where land and sea meet.

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your source of strength and reflection: life in balance.

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