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Sweet Dreams

Use the month of November to connect with your dreams. Learn how to mindfully connect with your dreams and tap into an ocean of inner wisdom.


Life In

For those who seek a path of mindfulness and reflection, Miraval Life in Balance Spa is a breath of fresh air. Our Orange County spa is a place to breathe, reflect and be in the moment. In this seaside retreat, you’ll find the space and time to be present and peaceful.

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Wednesday Nov 14

Wednesday Nov 14 Schedule
Time Class
6:30 AM TRX
7:00 AM ZEN Beach Bootcamp
7:00 AM Blue Mindfulness Beach Hike
8:00 AM TRX
8:00 AM Cardio Sculpt
8:00 AM Flow Yoga
8:00 AM Mindful Meditation
8:00 AM Spin with a View
8:00 AM Beach Yoga
9:00 AM TRX
9:00 AM TRX
9:00 AM Spin with a View
9:00 AM Body Barre
9:00 AM Aerial Yoga
9:00 AM Flow Yoga
9:00 AM Mindful Meditation
10:00 AM Yogalates
10:00 AM Flow Yoga
10:00 AM Mindfulness at Miraval
10:00 AM Aerial Yoga
10:00 AM Mat Pilates
10:00 AM Spin with a View
10:00 AM Floating Meditation
10:00 AM HIIT the Water
11:00 AM Family Cardio Drumming
11:00 AM Floating Meditation
11:00 AM Aerial Yoga
1:30 PM BOGA Board Cardio Fit
1:30 PM Roll and Stretch
3:00 PM Beach Yoga
3:00 PM Aerial Yoga
4:30 PM Blue Mindfulness Meditation
5:00 PM Indo Board Yoga
5:00 PM Gentle Yoga
5:00 PM Flow Yoga
6:00 PM YogaSculpt
6:00 PM TRX
6:00 PM Flow Yoga
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the push and pull of the waves: where land and sea meet.

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your source of strength and reflection: life in balance.

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